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Transparent story-telling illuminating my own experience of and feelings about contemporary social  concerns, including  female molestation, LGBT issues, mental health issues and gun violence.  


Grew up in the New York City suburbs.  My parents exposed me early to theatre which I relished from Alice in Wonderland with Eva LeGallienne (1948) to Michelle Williams in Blackbird (2016).  My earliest awakening to internal disturbances occurred when I was able to witness Eva LeGallienne 's acting classes in the summer of 1956. Ibsen and Chekhov pierced my consciousness and showed me others had deep emotional problems. I gave me a foundation for the future in both personal and drama terms.  I carried a torch for Peter Falk doing a scene from Macbeth.  I earned a Theatre degree from William and Mary and watched the brilliant comedienne,  Linda Lavin, before her fame, rehearse Madwoman.   I did NOT go into the theatre after college for economic reasons.  It takes a subsidy and iron ego. Instead I studied architecture at  UC Berkeley and became an urban planner for Fairfax County, Virginia.  I was married to a lovely lady for seven years.  I had my play, Single Family Detached, produced in Palo Alto in 1987.   It was an eye-opener before gay issues were common in the theatre and audiences were completely engaged.  I  am also a graphic pastel artist and photographer.  



Steve McGregor

"He is a very intelligent, astute person with a gift for "heard speech" which he elevates superbly into stage dialogue." 

"Electra Lite is one of the funniest, wittiest satires I have ever read."

--Dr. Jerry L. Crawford, Theatre professor, University of Nevada, playwright, author and Fellow of the American Theatre, Kennedy Center


Electra, a strong woman but modern in a hoop skirt. She does not sit still in the face of her destiny. The play is a satire on the same human foibles, lusts, frustrations, betrayals, hopes and redemptions visible in any age. Set in the Ante-Bellum South but clearly fraught with a contemporary sensibility. ELECTRA LITE turns the classic Greek myth on its head, ala MAD Magazine, tickling the bottoms of your feet with a feather. How many major characters turn out to be gay? How does the family of Armageddon take it? Electra clears the smoke from the Civil War battlefield with aplomb and a peach.




Two of the main characters are gay men. One of them is married. When his wife, Dorrie (Pandora), finds out her anger seems to unleash her hidden need to attempt the molestation of an underage runaway boy. Personal fragility and its sources drive the characterizations as well as the action. Would Virginia Woolf be scandalized? Would you? Her suicide presages a happy ending in the age of marriage equality.     


What if the Devil were one of us? Inspired (sic) by the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders the drama explores the mentality of a member of the Me Generation. Allegra, a high school counselor, feels that if the community will not stop the impending murder of children it is her responsibility. Advancing like Greek tragedy her entire focus becomes stopping a heinous crime as if she is the only person in the world. She casts her husband out of their marriage to save his soul. Compassionate or making sure her plan is not suspected? The audience may have different takes on the point of the drama but my point is guns know no class or rationale. 



Steve McGregor



A young East Coast family man leaves home because he is deeply disturbed and cannot continue his life as he has been living it.  He travels to the Mid-West looking for a small town that will accept him without judging him for his difficulties.  When he finds a welcoming family he sets about getting to know them and their friends. He starts to take an inventory of the good people and the bad people with the intent of converting the bad ones into good ones. He eventually discovers that he cannot magically transform bad people and that we all have a shadow and he has been denying his. He finally has to admit his own demons and stop running away.


The young East Coast family man in HEARTLAND returns East from his transformative journey to the small MId-West town.  He explains his deep disturbance and his new self-knowledge asking his wife to see if she can live with his bi-sexuality because he wants to save his family life. She agrees as he forms another intimate relationship with a man. They struggle with accepting his dual nature and learn to accept neither having everything they want.  




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